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White cardboard series
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product description

Major brands and varieties

1, "red" series, white coated cardboard; "Aspen" series, super white coated cardboard; highbulk white cardboard
2, Chenming tobacco card 
3, liquid bag cardboard, paper cup

Weight range


Main production subsidiary

Shouguang Chenming, Jiangxi Chenming Paper Factory

Main characteristics of products

1, quantitative, thickness uniformity is good, the stiffness, loose thickness, die - cutting into a box of good performance;
The paper whiteness, color stability, uniform coating and good reducibility;
The luster is stable, the color is bright and beautiful, the level is strong.  
2, in accordance with the requirements of tobacco materials standards;
Have the transfer, film, printing all kinds of high-grade cigarette;
The reduction, the surface strength, the box is good, and it is suitable for the high speed cigarette machine.
3, the paper is smooth and delicate, with a high degree of resistance, is conducive to the protection of filling without damage;
It has good stiffness, good penetration resistance and good shape.

Scope of application

Hi grade gift box,cosmetic box,tag,handbags,brochures, postcard;Normal and high grade tobacco package print;Milk box,beverages boxes,disposable cups,tea cups, bowl etc.

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